Is business writing really all that hard? After all, it’s the same letters you learned at school. But much like your attempts at DIY plumbing, it’s usually something best left to the professionals.

Save yourself the stress of trying to shape your own whitepapers, penning full-page adverts, or writing endless press releases where everyone is always “thrilled” and “delighted” by the new industrial item that’s been installed in a Moldovan warehouse.

No-one is thrilled or delighted by that. And it’s nothing to do with your no doubt excellent equipment. There are completely valid, genuine human reactions that will connect with the reader much better.

And that’s when you hire copywriters.

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Events management


Who doesn’t love a good event?

Usually whoever has to organise it. You get so caught up in worrying about every little detail being in the exact right place that you don’t get a chance to *be* at the event.

That’s where JKC comes in. Outsource your stress headaches to our experienced team who’ll obsess about the minutiae on your behalf and make sure you can focus on the more crucial tasks of wine and small talk.

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You can’t have good marketing without a good strategy. It may be that you already have one of your own and just need people to put it into action.

But if not, the finest marketing minds of their generations can unroll the metaphorical marketing map and start pushing round the little models of people on horses and oddly scaled field artillery. We can talk tactics and chat about campaigns until there’s an iron-clad battle plan that everyone’s happy with (except, presumably, your competitors).

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Strategy board
Social illustration


Social media is a bit like being invited to a potluck. It’s best if you don’t turn up empty-handed.

It’s a big ol’ bright and noisy multi-channel world of ever-changing expectations from the platforms and your audience. What worked a couple of years ago may not work now. You’ve heard of TikTok but you don’t know if you should be on it (not everyone does โ€” your audience might not be there).

Let JKC guide you through the weird and (very occasionally) wonderful world of social, and get your content calendars into shape.

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Using pictures and video in marketing. Sure, it’s a crazy modern brand-new idea, but we think it just might be here to stay.

Everything from print ads (remember those?) to animated explainers to a full brand refresh. If what you’re doing needs visuals, we can do you some of those.

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Video camera


If you have an email list then you have an audience who *wants* to hear what you’re doing. So are you making the most of that?

JKC can put together smart, effective email campaigns to keep people informed, enthused, and โ€” importantly โ€” subscribed.

We’ll help you plan content paths to take them down and even manage your lists for you to make them as effective as possible.

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